Tilly Pig Protection Plan


Our little piggy banks are the first stepping stone in paving the way to a bright future, helping you to raise responsible little savers.


Your child's Tilly Pig is more than just a place to store their money - it's a symbol of their growing financial responsibility and a keepsake that they'll cherish for years to come. But accidents happen, and a broken piggy bank can be a heartbreaking setback.

That's why Tilly Pig is proud to offer the Tilly Pig Protection Plan. For the first year of your child's piggy bank's life, you can have peace of mind knowing that if it's ever broken, you can get a free replacement piggy bank for a whole year. 

Protect your investment and your child's precious memories with the Tilly Pig Protection Plan. 

Delivery Information
UK - Next Day Tracked - £3.99
USA - International Tracked - $4.99
Euro Countries - Non-Tracked International - €4.99
Canada - Non-Tracked International - CAD $5.99
Australia - Non-Tracked International - AUD $8.99
New Zealand - Non-Tracked International - NZD $9.99

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